Lithium CV joints grease (with MoS2)

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Consistent grease with molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) for constant velocity joints.

It is recommended for application in constant velocity joints, assemblies and bearings of vehicles as well as industrial equipment. It contains pure superfine molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) owing to which it effectively protects assemblies and bearings operating under peak and/or oscillatory loads.

  • Special grease for constant velocity joints.
  • Effectively protects assemblies and bearings operating under peak and/or oscillatory loads.
  • Possesses high mechanical and chemical stability, keeps protective and anti-wear properties even after prolonged mechanical and thermal loads.
  • Owing to strong adhesion, it remains on the lubricated surfaces even under the action of vibration and high rotation speeds.
  • Water-resistant and can be used in assemblies operating in contact with water.
  • Forms good isolation and prevents bearings from contaminations.



With pressurized application. Add the grease through the zerk until desired grease volume is reached. 
Manual application. Eliminate the previous grease and fill 1/2 of bearing volume (unit) with LITHIUM GREASE FOR CV JOINTS.


  • Compatible with automotive and industrial lithium greases of all types, and can be mixed with them in any proportion. 
  • Applied for assemblies with the rotation speed up to 10,000 rpm.


NLGI 2 (ASTM D217) 
ISO-L-XСCEB 2 (ISO 6743-9) 
KPF2N-25 (DIN 51502)


Color, visually - black 
Consistence Class based on NLGI - 2 
Penetration at 25 °С, mm-1 - 285 
Drop point, °С - >180 
Working temperature, °С: 
- Long-term - <130 
- Short-term - <150


125 ml - plastic tube

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